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Quienes somos Regenis is an acne treatment spray that mimics the defense your body already deploys, thereby making it twice as resilient to acne lesions and oily skin.
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Misión It is the mission of Regenis to help young adults, and older, look their best, so they can take on the world with confidence.
Descripción How Regenis Works

Regenis™ is an Electro-Chemical Activated (ECA) saline solution that mimics the HOCL produced inside our body. HOCL is a natural ingredient of healing that is produced by our white blood cells as a component that works to fight infection and reduce inflammation. Regenis™ is an all-natural, highly-effective solution that is safe to use repeatedly throughout the day, on all areas of the body that are afflicted with acne.

The Science

The human body contains three innate defense mechanisms to immediately protect the body from pathogens & micro-organisms that cause various problems including acne. Two of those defenses are the skin and mucous prodduction. The third defense system are white blood cells within the bloodstream, which leave the blood vessels and actively seek to destroy foreign pathogens. These white blood cells are also known as phagocytes (Green definition for "to devour cells") and the most common phagocytes are neutrophils.

Neutrophils eat invading pahogens by releasing a chemical compound called HOCL (hypochlorous acid), a process known as phagocytosis. Upon tissue damage, the human body immediately responds to pathogen invasion by emitting histamines, which in turn signals the body to increase blood flow in the site of the infection, allowing neutrophils to exit capillaries in the infected area and hunt for the harmful pathogens to "eat". Neutrophils find the pathogens by following their chemical trails through the process of positive chemotaxis. The netruophils bind to the outer surfaces of the pathogens for digestion. The pathogens are further enguilfed by phagosomes, which then release large quantities of HOCL to oxidatively "burst" pathgens apart, thereby preventing pathogen replication.
  • 4215 E McDowell Rd, Mesa (AZ), 85215, United States
  • Como llegar

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