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Spiritual Science Research Foundation

Spiritual Science Research Foundation

3111 Route 38, Mount Laurel (NJ), 08054, United States

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Quienes somos Spiritual research since 1985. Dedicated to the spiritual progress of every individual and society as a whole.
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Misión The aim of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) and the objectives of its website

* To educate humanity on the spiritual dimension and how it affects our lives.
* To provide people with tools for:
- Knowledge: Understanding the spiritual dimension.
- Experience: Experiencing the spiritual dimension.
- Problem Solving: Understanding and overcoming problems where the root cause is spiritual in nature.
- Happiness: Achieving everlasting happiness.

The primary aim of SSRF is to guide seekers with intense desire for God-realisation and help them achieve their goal.
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Fundada 1985

* Unique Incense Sticks for Spiritual Healing in 5 fragrances:
– Sandalwood
– Jasmine
– Kewada
– Mogra
– Magnolia
– Tuberose

* Books on Spirituality
  • 3111 Route 38, Mount Laurel (NJ), 08054, United States
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