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The Academy at Sisters

The Academy at Sisters

Bend (OR), United States

Como llegar

(800) 910-0412

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Quienes somos The Northwest Premier Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Adolescent Girls
The Academy at Sisters cover
Misión Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live responsibly in the present
Descripción Have you lost all parental control over your teenage daughter? Have her grades dropped? Is she failing out of school? Is she frequently lying to you about where’s she’s going? Does she exhibit low-self esteem and self worth? Or worse, is she suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, depression, hurting herself? Is she running away? Is she doing things that might get her into trouble with the law? If so, then the Academy at Sisters might be a good option for you.

Why Send Your Daughter to the Academy at Sisters?

• Evidence-based approach to treatment
• Outstanding academics
• All-girls program
• Equestrian therapy(optional)
• Tremendous recreation
• Community Service Projects
• Parents are part of the program
• Long-term program: 12-18 month average length of stay
• Safe environment
• Highly-skilled staff
• Located in Central Oregon (Bend)
• Enrollment open throughout the year
Premios Over a year, girls on average have jumped 2 grade levels in Writing, 4.2 grade levels in Math, and 2.3 grade levels in Reading. (These are based on testing girls using the WIAT tests for all three areas, and STAR Reading and Math assessments).
Fundada 1995

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