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The Friendly Scrapper

The Friendly Scrapper

282 Waverly St. N., Oshawa (ON), L1J 5V9, Canada

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Quienes somos The Friendly Scrapper is a scrap metal, electronics, and appliances collection business focusing on being polite and removing items for FREE!
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Misión To keep as many recyclables from landfills as possible.
Descripción The Friendly Scrapper, also known as Truck for Hire is a small business created by Jeff Ogden, a Oshawa local who was determined to stay off government financial assistance.

Jeff chose this type of work for several reasons, he loves driving, loves meeting new people and the best part of it all, being his own boss.

Thanks to those around him, he has managed to take what was a little money maker and turn it in to something much bigger with hopefully bigger things to come in the near future.
Fundada Jeff Ogden
  • 282 Waverly St. N., Oshawa (ON), L1J 5V9, Canada
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