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The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies

The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies

260 Pearl St, Cambridge (MA), 02139, United States

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Quienes somos Your source for world wide badger news, and the center of all Mustelid awesomeness!
The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies cover
Misión Badger Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines socially- and culturally-defined species roles. Drawing upon academic areas such as
history, psychology, media sociology, sociology, literary criticism, and zoology, it crosses the boundaries of traditional disciplines raising important questions regarding the way we have organized ourselves, our chief social and political institutions, and knowledge itself. As an area of academic study, Badger Studies provides new frameworks that are sensitive not only to issues of species, but also race, class, and ethnicity. By analyzing the powerful and problematic impact of inter-special inequalities, Badger Studies revises the way we see ourselves and our world.

The Badger Studies Program at The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies offers courses across several subject areas. The emphasis is on encouraging students to think critically and re-examining history cross-specially using a mustelid perspective. The small class size in all Badger Studies courses fosters a learning environment that nurtures intelligent discussion and application of that knowledge to practical issues.

What Badger Studies Is:
- A way for students of all species to understand their own life and the lives of others from new perspectives
- An interdisciplinary approach that raises important epistemological questions about all other academic areas
- A recovery and celebration of Mustelid voices lost in canonical "mainstream" art, literature, music etc.
- An opportunity for students to take an active role in bringing about social change both inside and outside the classroom

What Badger Studies Isn't:
- A meeting ground for angry badger loving radicals
- Simple-minded badger worship rather than an examination and exposition of biases and privileges enjoyed by certain species throughout history
- A victim's perspective that sees all badgers as blameless
- An emotional, touchy-feely class with no theoretical backing or practical value
Descripción Concerning Membership in The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies:

The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies was established in 1849 as a bequest of the estate of 11th US president James K Polk. Our primary goal is to disseminate the legacy created by President Polk to those who have an interest in understanding the truth regarding Mustelid beliefs and practices, and to encourage individuals who embrace a badger oriented lifestyle to utilize this perspective as a means for enhancing their lives in a manner that demonstrates to human society the potency of a Mustelid perspective. Those who identify themselves as members of The James K Polk Center for Badger Studies have the strength and dedication to implement the tools traditionally associated with the Badger: the imagination to confound and confuse, the wisdom to recognize the unseen in our society, the pragmatism of a skeptic, and the passion to burrow.

We don’t solicit memberships, however, if you wish to join us to show your support or appreciation, simply state in a loud clear voice, preferably in a public place, “I am a badger”. In this manner you identify yourself as a genuine member of the James K Polk Center for Badger Studies. If you expect to meet another member for the first time, be prepared make this statement, in a loud clear voice.

If you wish to take a more active role in the James K Polk Center for Badger Studies, and find yourself in philosophical agreement with our tenants, you might consider occasionally (or frequently) dressing as a badger. A wide variety of costume options are available. While cross species costuming is not a requirement for membership in the James K Polk Center for Badger Studies, it is encouraged and will expedite your rise to higher levels of enlightenment. Once your commitment to a badger oriented lifestyle becomes clear, the James K Polk Center for Badger Studies will formally acknowledge that your presentation of yourself fits our definition of a “Badger.”

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Fundada 2009
  • 260 Pearl St, Cambridge (MA), 02139, United States
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