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Entwined: Duke Chinese Dance 2018 Showcase

Duke Chinese Dance
Prestataire d'activité Duke Chinese Dance

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According to the Chinese legend of the “Red String of Fate” (姻缘红线), the gods tie an invisible red cord that binds individuals together that are destined to meet one another or help each other in a certain way. This magical cord can stretch or get tangled, but never breaks.

Everyone in Duke Chinese Dance has a different story -- some identity that is crucial to their person. And all of these stories converge onto stage during Showcase. The message we hope to convey with our theme this year is that like the red cords, all of our individual stories have tied us together here as a part of DCD. And although our time together is temporary, our own stories have already become “entwined” through our dances and identities as Duke Chinese Dance.

We believe “Entwined" captures the overall theme of the dances this year, and evokes a feeling towards the exploration of the distinct identities experienced by each and every dancer.

Place du déroulement de l'activité

Duke Chinese Dance