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Feed Your Brain Right

Mahota Singapore
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Still worrying over losing more weight or building more muscle mass? Many fret over eating enough vitamins to build up their immune and avoid illnesses. But few of us ever think about feeding our brain right. Well, get this - every bite of food you eat could either deplete or nourish your brain. The wrong foods would leave you feeling mentally foggy, anxious and depressed, while the right foods help make you mentally sharp, positive and productive. Certain foods rich in nutrients needed to create, protect, and repair brain cells are great at helping to protect you against a variety of mental disorders and degenerative brain diseases. These foods also supply the building blocks of neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals that control how well you learn and remember, how happy and motivated you are and how well you can relax and enjoy life. Keen to learn more about how to keep this important ‘Big Boss’ happy and nourished? Sign up here: https://mahota.typeform.com/to/rgLyRa

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Mahota Singapore