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Boulder (CO), 80307-3160, United States

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À propos de nous HydraPouch Cup-Free Hydration for racing and training
HydraPouch cover
Mission Here at HydraPouch, we have one and only one goal: to make products that improve race hydration during road and trail races. We’re trying to improve how on-course hydration products get dispensed, and how runners receive, carry, and drink those products. Why? It’s simple, really. The paper-cup-based aid station experience is wet, sticky, messy, wasteful, frustrating, eco-unfriendly, volunteer-intensive, and downright unsafe.
So we came up with two very simple products: the HydraPouch™ personal hydrator and the UltraSpout high-speed dispenser. Whether you’re running a race or organizing one, and whether you use them separately or together, they will definitely improve your race day hydration experience, reduce your paper-cup footprint, and maybe even make you a little faster.
Description Hate using paper cups during events, try a Hydrapouch! Need to dispense liquids quickly from coolers for events, try an UltraSpout! See www.hydrapouch.com for additional information.
Honneurs Innovation Quotient (IQ) Award for Sports and Outdoor Products and Services/2009
Fondée 2009
Produits HydraPouch personal hydrator
UltraSpout high-speed dispensing valve

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