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Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

D-469, near Ram Phal chowk, Sector 7, Dwarka., New Delhi, 110075, India

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À propos de nous We don't look business in technology but we are obsessed to have technology in every ones business.
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Mission We strongly believe that information technology was invented to simplify human life and that too with ease and simplicity. We believe that IT (Information Technology) should be evolved as Innovative Technology. We have seen that innovation word is treated as business opportunity. We think IT was the biggest invention after discovery of wheel. Incaendo is a work place for the people passionate about the improving efficiency of the people. We at Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strongly believe in the vision of all the people, who has put their effort to bring IT to this height. We are enthusiastic people in here, making disparate effort to change experience of service providers and the customer. We wish to put our customers and their end user on top priority and provide a cost effective technology solution to everyone on the planet.
Description We are the people, who strongly believe in quality with simplicity. We are using straight line in our daily life for so many thing, without realizing that connection of quality and simplicity. At Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we are very inspired with this straight line, because it is so simple to do but it requires quality to make it and we are the people who achieve quality with simple actions.

Our movements follows the way technology moves. The technology that fulfills our need and increases our speed of growth, some times presents our biggest challenges for growth. The technology doesn't only increase the speed at which we grow, it also increases the speed of changes we need to make for growth.

Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps clients to anticipate their challenges, navigate through their challenges and leverage technology to make change to overcome their challenges to achieve growth. The word challenges, growth, technology and overcome are treated like difficult things to achieve. We are the people who believe in, “if there is problem, so we have many solutions”. It requires to have well settled vision to chose the best solution among the all possible solution, which is best for your business. Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps clients to simplify this activity and insure best quality delivery to the client’s business.
Fondée March 2012

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