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Police HEART

Police HEART

shahibaug, Ahmedabad, 380004, India

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À propos de nous Official service from Ahmedabad Police.To rescue women from an emergency situation like Rape, Molestation, Domestic-Violence, Kidnapping. Call 1091
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Description This is official service from the Ahmedabad Police Dept to rescue women from an emergency situation like Rape, Molestation, Domestic-Violence, Kidnapping. Eve-teasing Call 1091 PoliceHEART


How to config Police HEART service on your Mobile/Land Line

1. In your mobile address book save 1091 as Women Help line no
2. Config it as no.1 in your speed dial key
3. Register your mobile no and your friend, relatives nos on the site

When to use ?
Whenever you are in a situation where you need urgent help from the police.
(Use Police HEART service only when you require Urgent Help.)

How to use ?
Just press key no 1 in your Mobile/Land line. Alternatively you can
also dial 1091

How Police HEART service works
1. HEART which is kept at Police Control room will pick up your call
on a single ring
2. Immediately your Help SMS would go to your Friends/Relatives
Network (Only if you have registered at http://www.policeheart.com)
If you want that your family/friends to get SOS SMS alert that your are in problem and can get your location then you should register on http://www.policeheart.com. You can also register via SMS. Just type Heart and send SMS on 9227121091 . You will receive a call from us to verify your registration details.Your registration would also help the police to rescue you as soon as possible.
3. Simultaneously Police Control room would also get alert on ther PC screens
4. Do not disconnect the phone
5. Automatically you would get connected to the Police Operator who
would try to speak with you.
6. Even if you are unable to speak do not worry the Police Operator
would be able to hear the background voices and analyze the situation.
7. Very soon the Police Operator would get to know your location and a PCR (police control room ) van which is nearest to your location would reach to rescue you. If you are registered as above then your family/friends would also get t
Fondée 03/05/2013

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