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Tai Chi-the journey

Tai Chi-the journey

1060 Dormantown Rd, McClure (PA), 17841, United States

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À propos de nous Learn and practice this beautiful ancient inner art with Dr. Marlin G. Conner. He is a certified instructor of Tai Chi and Taijiquan and holds an international certification in Chinese Meridian Therapy. He is a practicing psychotherapist of 20 years.
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Description I am often asked the question "what is Tai Chi"? In all reality Tai Chi is an experience, an individual experience where each practitioner can satisfy their specific needs. Some engage in this art for stress management and some to gain flexibility but the results and benefits are endless. One can talk about Tai Chi but one cannot say what it is. I would attempt to say that Tai Chi is an Oriental discipline meaning it must be done totally with all one's being in a process where the distinction between mind, soul and body is lost as they flow into each other and merge in harmony. It must be a process where consciousness is dispersed from the mind throughout every cell of the body so that the entire being becomes total awareness. Hand, foot, breath, balance and consciousness blend into each other until there is only spontaneous, unceasing, harmonious movement. Tai Chi is an unending journey toward oneself and toward unity of all things. It is a way of life that demands the most exquisite self-examination and total awareness of what is happening around us. Tai Chi and Chi Qong are both sciences of working with the body's energy field. Both arts enable a person to cultivate and control his or her own energy. Both have four basic applications; health, longevity, martial power and spiritual illumination. Technology, a word we often hear these days but we hear it in the external reality. I would like to refer Tai Chi to an "inner technology" a technology of healing oneself. A technology that unfortunately has become lost in a stress filled fast paced life that we encounter today. Tai Chi benefits; by soothing the entire central nervous system, creates an acid alkaline balance, harmonizes our electromagnetic field with the earth, increases immunity and resistance, increases circulation, benefits joint rotation, osteoporosis, arthritis and balance to name only a few. It is a beautiful art that is done with slow physical movements called postures which progressively fit into m

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