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The Beaver Trap A2

The Beaver Trap A2

1300 South University, Ann Arbor (MI), 48104, United States

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(734) 408-1350

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À propos de nous The Beaver Trap Bar, affectionately known as "The Trap" is much more than a bar, it is a social and entertainment experience second to none!
The Beaver Trap A2 cover
Description The Story Of The Beaver

Beaver was born in North Bay Canada and her earliest days were spent relaxing in the cool waters and chewing on any wood that she could find. However, this paradise she enjoyed as a kit was not to last forever as her lake was besieged by trappers. They wanted the beaver’s pelts and fur, before Beaver knew it…she was alone.

Many would take this as a good time to give up…people or animals, but not Beaver! She decided that if her home, her paradise was gone, she would find another! She went from lake to lake, stream to stream, slowly winding her way south in search of safety.

Soon the rivers made way to Lake Huron, the largest body of water Beaver had ever seen. Many of her kind would find the vast waters intimidating, but not Beaver…she knew it was not the size of the lake…it was how you crossed it! There she dealt with humans that did not want to hurt her. Though some people she had met were evil trappers, there were some that were curious and even helpful. They let her hang onto their boats, fed her food and helped her cross the seemingly unending waters of the massive lake.

Soon Beaver found her way to the St Clair river and began to follow its currents further and further south. Beaver was tired and uncertain but she would not allow herself to be afraid. She knew that a new home was out there, a place where she could be herself and feel the same love and contentment of when she was a kit.

Soon she reached Lake St Clair and though it reminded her of the waters from home it was dirtier and not a very friendly place to stay, by the time she got to the chaotic Detroit River she had to give up the waterways and try to make her way by land.

Again, Beaver had to rely on people for help and food. She learned that for every good person there is a bad one but the good ones were worth seeking out. Perhaps if she could find a place where she could attract only the good people she would be fine.

This is when she ended up in Ann

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