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The Way Of The Enlightened Warriors School Of Martial Arts

The Way Of The Enlightened Warriors School Of Martial Arts

New Delhi, 110017, India

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À propos de nous This is the Official Facebook Page of The Way Of The Enlightened Warriors School Of Martial Arts
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Mission Our Mission:
# To Eradicate the Wrong Notions (that have been created by Media, Movies, Pseudo Martial Artists etc) about Martial Arts that Martial Arts mean Violence/Fighting or Winning Medals or Defeating Others or Fancy Stunts/Acrobatics Or Having Weapon Skills Or Breaking Skills.
# To Educate Every Human Being About the Real Meaning & Philosophy Of Martial Arts.
# To Help People Identify How It is Different From (and Confused with) Martial Sports, Martial Combat Systems, Self-Defense Systems, Martial Fitness Systems etc.
# To Educate People About the Importance & Benefits of Living The Life Of A Martial Artist.
# To Restore the lost Glory & Respect of the TRUE Martial Artists all around the world.
Description ***IMPORTANT COPY RIGHT NOTICE************************
You Are Encouraged To Share Links, But Not To Copy Paste Our Content Or Utilize It In Your Training Without Giving Due Credits/Acknowledgement For The Same, EXACTLY THE WAY WE DO WHEN WE USE THE USEFUL INFORMATION SHARED BY OTHERS.

Unlike most of the martial art/combat schools, that focus on practicing and teaching students how to fight and defend themselves only physically and worse by using the most unethical Offensive Combat in the name of Self-Defense, The Way Of The Enlightened Warriors School Of Martial Arts, is a Martial Art school that is committed to practice, guide and teach "Select Students" to defend themselves Mentally and Spiritually first and only when all fails (because of poor skills) are they allowed to defend themselves Physically that too by using Ethical Defensive means so that they could reach the highest level of Martial Arts.

The Way Of The Enlightened Warriors School Of Martial Arts was founded in 2008 by Sensei Michael Anand Rajchandra (Martial Arts Researcher, Philosopher and Practitioner) with the love and support of his Teachers, Family & Dedicated Students.

About Sensei Michael A. R.
Please Note: Sensei (Japanese) literally translated means "Person Born Before Another" (Kōjien Japanese dictionary, entry for 先生) and in our Context is Interpreted only as "The One Who Has Gone Before", Thus it should not be interpreted as anything more than a simple Guide. (Unfortunately many use it to con people into believing that they are a Great Master or Teacher)
Sensei Michael has been fascinated by Martial Arts since the age of 9 (in his 4th std after being deeply touched, confused & intrigued by the last scene of the Shaolin Kung Fu Movie "Shaolin Strikes Back...") and has ever since, dedicated a major part his life to
Fondée In 2008 by Sensei Michael A. R. with the support of his Students
Produits [PLEASE NOTE: Our Training programs are NOT FOR those who are looking for :
# Combat Sport Training and want to participate in Martial Sport Activities/Competitions
# Fight/Combat Training to be able to fight/kill people.
# Individuals who do not wish to or believe in living a Righteous, Disciplined, Addiction Free, Respectful, Ethical, Moral, Dignified, Compassionate, Charitable, Humble, Modest and above all a Meaningful life]

# Regular Training for the complete Development Of an Individual, Physically, Mentally & Spiritually by the study of the following:
>> Martial Art Philosophy, Ethics, Concepts & Principles.
>> Perfection of Character.
>> Implementing Martial Art as a way of Life.
>> Study of Physical, Mental & Spiritual concepts in everyday life.
>> Training Programs to gain Exposure To Martial Combat Systems & Martial Sports in order to understand how and why it is different from Martial Arts.
>> Training Programs In Self Defense & Fitness using Martial Arts.
>> Seminars & Training Programs In Various Martial Systems Conducted by Senior Masters of Those Systems.

# Seminars for Schools and Corporates devoted to understanding related aspects of Martial Arts and its application in Life...

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