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Description It was an incredible discovery. I had anchored on about a 1/2 acre of blowing up trout. This was while scouting on the Chocktawhatchie Bay in Fl when I was guiding down there. I made twenty casts with every conceivable lure, topwater, jerk baits, crankbaits, and all the plastics, flukes, tubes, etc, and the Trout Trick. I would get about 5 strikes per 20 casts on all the baits except the TT..... 30 strikes/20 casts. If they missed it or got off, another would grab it. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize I had stumbled (nature sent me a miracle)onto something.

The TroutTrick must be allowed to fall STRAIGHT down to create the reaction bite. With your rod pointed at the lure, reel in the slack and give a couple of jerks, then drop the rod tip to allow bait to fall STRAIGHT down again. In shallow water jerk sideways. The trout will hit it on the fall or pick it up off the bottom, hence your jerk becomes a hookset. We think the ribs create a vibration saltwater trout home in on. It is so strong that when you fish through a school of totally negative fish, they will strike with their mouths closed. Eventually . Eventually you will foul hook one and realize what is going on.

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