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Disneyland Viewliner

Disneyland Viewliner

Anaheim (CA), 92802, United States

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Chi siamo The Disneyland Viewliner was a narrow gauge train that ran through Tomorrowland at Disneyland. The Viewliner operated from June 26, 1957 to September 15, 1958. www.facebook.com/Viewliner
Disneyland Viewliner cover
Descrizione The Story of the Viewliner
The Viewliner is a 1/2 scale interurban, fast express train of the future... the only one of its kind in the world.

At 30mph the Viewliner is traveling the equivelent of 120 mpg in a full scale train. The Viewliner is capable of 60 mph, or 240 mph full scale.

The locomotive is an 0-4-4-0 type... weight: 5,000 lbs. The 8 wheel drive is powered by a gasoline engine with automatic transmission, drive shafts and differentials.

Interior of locomotive cab is of an advanced design, clean and comfortable as a modern automobile.

... The coaches way just under 2,000 pounds each, built of aluminum on a steel frame. Suspension of the Coaches use standard automotive parts. They are connected with the gimbel bearing and are based on the articulated principle. Each coach is equipped with two speedometers calibrated to the scale speed of the train... They have communication speakers and automatic electric doors controlled by the engineer.

Vacuum operated brakes on every wheel... rotating head and tail lamps... Standard railroad block signal system plus an automatic electronic control on the locomotive which automatically applies the brakes if the train should run through a red light.

An automatic gasoline engine and automatic transmission were used as a drive for the steel flange railroad wheels.

Its low center of gravity and articulated cars enabled a Viewliner to maneuver curves at high speeds.

Gauge of track - 30 inches

The Viewliner was designed by WED Enterprises and was assembled at the Walt Disney studio in Burbank, California.
Fondazione 06/26/1957

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