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1,500 Point AOS tourney

Kelly's Komix
Organizzatore dell'evento Kelly's Komix

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Points = 1,500

Timed Event = YES

Cost per Playing = $10.00 in advance, $15.00 day of the event.


No single model or unit can be more than 300 points
"UPDATED" 3-29-18
Single wounds models restricted to 40 wounds
2 wound models restricted to 30 wounds
3+ wound models restricted to 20 wounds

Games will only last 5 Turns max and you will also only have 1 hour to complete your turns on a Death Clock.


1 Day event - the store will open at 10:30 and registration closes at 10:55 prompt.

Cost is $10 per-registered and $15 at the door for the event and prize support is supplied by Games Workshop.

3 Games will be played using a Swiss Scoring System

Army Selection

Please refer to the Generals Handbook

Army Submission

All army lists need to be submitted to Kellyskomix@gmail.com on or before April 13th 2018

What do Players need to Bring?

• Due to the fact there is a significant advantage to using incorrect base sizes models must be based on appropriate round/oval bases (please see below for a guideline on base sizes)

• If your models are on square bases then this is OK as long as you have round bases or templates to blu tac/attach to your models to for the game.

• Models not based WILL be removed as casualties by the tournament organizers and will be unable to take part in the tournament.

(Updated 4-2-18)
•Models only supplied with Square Bases by GW will be allowed to be on square bases.

• All unit options and command models must be WYSIWYG on the models, for example if the models in a liberator unit have Sigmarite Hammers and a Grand Hammer you cannot use the rules for Sigmarite Swords and a Grand Blade.

• Proxies are not allowed. “Alternative” models are fine, but for example using an Empire Griffin as a Terrorgheist is not. If you are not sure what constitutes a proxy then it is best to check it with us beforehand to avoid problems later. *Please note there is a bit of play in this (for example if you decide to put a character on the next size up this is fine, but you should never go down in size.) It is best to contact us if you have concerns.

As a general rule, if Games Workshop pack the model on that base, it should be minimum on that size.

Gaming aids

Players should bring the following

Dice and Tape Measure (combat gauges are encouraged!)
Wound markers and buff counters (optional but highly recommended!)
A set of “the Rules” or access to a PDF/the Warhammer app on a tablet/phone.
A copy of all warscroll’s being used or access to the Warhammer app (these are all free from GW so no excuse! – we recommend printing them for quick reference during a game)
A printed army list for your opponent in each game

Chess Clock and Objectives will be provided.

Game Scenarios


Objective At the end of the game, divide the table into six 2’x2’ squares (or equal sized areas for other table sizes). Add up the total points of each player’s non-Individual units within each square. If one player has more points in units than their opponent in a given square then they “control” that square and get 1 Control Point. If a player controls the square in the centre of their opponents half of the table, that player gets an additional Control Point (so it is worth 2 CPs to control your opponent’s central square). The player with the most Control Points wins. If the players have an equal amount of Control Points then the game is a draw. If a unit is straddling the line between 2 or more squares then they are considered to be in whichever one the majority of their base is within, otherwise, the owning player must choose one of the squares to count their unit in.


At the end of 5 turns count up how many points are left of units solely in the enemy half, 10% or greater for victory, less than 10% difference and the result is a draw. Individual characters only score half points.


Before table edges are decided roll D3 + 4 for objective tokens, then roll off to decide who places a LOOT token first, these cant be closer than 12 inches from each other and cant be within set up zones. Then roll off for sides. Each unit can only carry one Loot token at any time, individual models cant carry LOOT, but Behemoths can. You may only move a max of 5 inchs plus any run (D6 Only). At the end of the game count up how many Loot counters each side has, the winner is the one with the most. Loot can be taken off your own board edge but then that unit cannot return to the fight. Unit can only leave the board edge if the entire unit is with 3"


5 Points for the win

3 Points for a draw

1 Point for a defeat

Bonus Scoring.
0-100 = +0 points
101-200 = +1 points
201-300 = +2 points
301-400 = +3 points
401-500 = +4 points
501-600 = +5 points
601-800 = +6 points
801-1500 = +7 points
Total Damage Enemy Forces scores extra overall points.

Paint Score, Judged by Spenny and Brookx
Each Judge will award points to their top 3 choices.
1st. +3 points
2nd +2 points
3rd +1 points


Best General
Best Painted

Any questions or comments can be directed to Spencer Galloway

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Kelly's Komix