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H. Der Melkonian Theater // Յ. ՏԷՐ Մելքոնեան Թատերասրահ

H. Der Melkonian Theater // Յ. ՏԷՐ Մելքոնեան Թատերասրահ

Arax street, Burj Hammud, 961, Lebanon

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Chi siamo Theater & Concert Venue located In an Armenian densely populated Beirut suburb, Bourj Hammoud.
H. Der Melkonian Theater // Յ. ՏԷՐ Մելքոնեան Թատերասրահ cover
Descrizione In an Armenian densely populated Beirut suburb, Bourj Hammoud, it used to operate “The Popular House of Bourj Hammoud” which was governed by a committee who used to provide the theater to the population for different goals and events.
Nearly 50 years ago, at May 1964, the committee of the House of Bourj Hammoud decided to assign the task of the modernization and the gracing with full equipments of the theater to the “Kaspar Ipekian” troupe, which had already asked about this because it faced many difficulties regarding the presentations of its plays when it referred to foreign theaters to present its plays someplace else. The members of the troupe had always dreamt to have their own theater, in the embrace of their own people, so that many Armenians could watch their plays and through culture to evolve more and to be accepted in the Armenian collective life as native Armenians. So the “Kaspar Ipekian” troupe became the leading force to create the enjoyable Armenian cultural center, the theater.
It was essential to create a foundation for this important project, in which the population would participate with all its levels and organizations by uniting all’s capabilities. The House committee and the “Kaspar Ipekian” troupe were the first to work in this direction by providing venerable amounts, each in its limits of capabilities, to which later would be added other amounts to replenish the important earmarked expenses of the theater’s construction.
So that all these expenses would be organized in a smooth and accurate way, immediately it was created a construction committee which would organize and follow the construction of the theater, to surmount with success this mission. At August 1965, the construction committee begins its work.
In parallel of the construction committee’s works, the “Kaspar Ipekian” troupe called to life all of its capabilities and speeded up the support of this foundation. First, it referred to the “Kalousd Gulbenkian” foundation and secured a

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