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HOTtt ASs Chillies

HOTtt ASs Chillies

Highland Park, Auckland, 2010, New Zealand

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Grown and made fresh and local
HOTtt ASs Chillies cover
Descrizione At HOTtt ASs Chillies we grow our own super hot exotic chillies. Many which are not readily available in NZ! And we make our own fresh and pure chilli sauces. These are not cheap watery sauces you will finish in 2-3 meals. We do not use nasty extracts, chemicals or preservatives. Only all natural flavour and heat! Our sauces have high chilli content, massive flavour and will last.

These sauces are for REAL chilli lovers! And not the faint hearted.
This company was started for 2 reasons. To provide super hot tasty sauces, far better than what you will find in the local supermarket. And to help subsidise our addiction to growing the hottest and tastiest chillies in the world! Not for profit.

The chillies that we use for our sauces are grown in hydroponics. This provides bigger plants, bigger fruit and a bigger yield. But the best part is no soil = no bugs, no pesticides and no diseases in our plants.

Our current sauce range includes:

"Dam Sweeet" Sweet chilli sauces....
• Dam Sweeet Green - Sweet chilli with Kiwifruit 7/10
• Dam Sweeet Yellow - Sweet chilli with Banana 8/10
- Sample packs also available - 50ml bottles

These sauces are medium-hot
(Packing more of a punch than the lame supermarket brand sweet chilli sauces)

If you a REAL chilli head you will want our "Dam Hottt" sauce range....
• Dam Hottt Yellow - Made with >60% yellow chillies. This is a very fruity and hot chunky sauce! 10/10
• Dam Hottt Red - Made with >60% red chillies. This is a very fruity and hot chunky sauce! 11/10
- Sample packs also available both Super Hottts - 50ml bottles

• Dumb Ass Hottt - Made with >100% of the hottest chillies in the world! This is a fruity and very VERY hot chunky sauce! Just a drop is like liquid fire!
Stupid Spice #@&?!/10 50ml

And the new range..... “Dam tropical”
• Island Scorcher – A light
Fondazione 01/15/2013

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