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Pillowpacker Pillows

Pillowpacker Pillows

Pillowpacker Pillows World Headquarters, Ottawa (ON), K2B 6A5, Canada

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Chi siamo Pillowpacker® Pillows: Canadian-made inflatable down and microfibre travel pillows. For comfort and assurance away from home go to pillowpackers.com.
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Missione Our mission is to make the Best Travel Pillow possible with the aim of increasing your travel comfort.
We firmly believe we have a product that is as good as it can get. It is comfortable and made from the best materials right here in our hometown. Based on feedback from our customers, we think we have succeeded.

Our values drive how we operate our business.

Our Customers are Important to Us
Our business is about people who value comfort when they travel. We want to be in contact with our customers, to hear about their travel adventures and challenges. Above all, we want our customers to be happy with our products.

Make it Local and Canadian
Our pillows are our flagship products. They are manufactured locally here in Ottawa from the highest quality materials.

Operating on Our Terms
Keeping the business in our control means “the owners are in the store”. Every decision about product design right through to order fulfilment is handled by us. We answer to only our customers.

Giving Back
Travelling is the best way to learn how good our life is. From the beginning, we have given back to our global community by supporting Plan Canada’s “Gifts of Hope” that bring better living conditions to women, children and families in poorer countries.  
Descrizione The Pillowpacker® Pillow is a unique Canadian-made travel pillow designed by travellers for travellers who appreciate comfort and assurance away from home. Not having the right pillow can ruin a good night’s sleep. Using a pillow of questionable hygiene can be unsettling. Having your own home-style pillow of luxurious down or down alternative tailored to your own sleeping preferences can help assure you are on top of your game when travelling.

The Pillowpacker® Pillow has three parts: the inflatable inner pillow; the outer pillow in a choice of premium Canadian Hutterite Goose Down, Brome Duck Down or MicroMax® Down Alterative; all encased a home-style 100% cotton pillowcase in a choice of six fashion colours. The contoured inner inflatable pillow is inflated with only a few puffs of air. Firm or soft, the pillow cushions you with the right amount of support to suit your preferences. When inflated it replicates the support of one or two full size home pillows but weighs less than a pound. Rolled up in its own nylon stuff sack the small packable pillow is easy to take in your luggage, carry on or backpack. It also adds comfort to while you are travelling on planes or on the road. Because both the cotton pillowcase and the down pillow are washable your pillow will remain clean and fresh year after year.
Fondazione 2010
Prodotti Pillowpacker® Pillow products are designed to make travelling more comfortable. We offer a choice of Brome duck down, Hutterite goose dowb and microfibre down-alternative inflatable pillows that come with a choice of 100% cotton pillowcases. Everything is washable and highly packable.

The inflatable inner pillow features a contour for extra neck support and a quick inflation and release valve. With this valve you will not hyper-ventilate from inflating the pillow...especially if you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or or some other high altitude place and do not need extra challenges on your lungs. It can be inflated to the "firmness" you wish to simulate as closely as possible the unique "home pillow" effect that heretofore has been missing in your travel experience.

When your best-ever (we hope) travel sleep experience is over, simply release the valve, roll the pillow into a roll (what other shape can it have?), or leave it flat and off you go, refreshed and looking forward to nightfall!!!
We also offer two styles of Silk Sleepers -- 100% silk sleeping sacks -- to increase your sleeping comfort.
  • Pillowpacker Pillows World Headquarters, Ottawa (ON), K2B 6A5, Canada
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