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T3 Technologies

T3 Technologies

1408 N West Shore Blvd, Tampa (FL), 33607, United States

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(813) 288-9800

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Chi siamo The Mainframe Alternative Company
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Missione Our mission is to help liberate small and medium sized customers from the grips of IBM mainframe costs and bring them to the world of .NET quickly, accurately and in a cost effective manner.
Descrizione Imagine a world without mainframe software costs where you can keep all of your current business logic and processes just as they are today. Only one company has built a mainframe migration solution designed specifically for the needs of small to midsized mainframe workloads.

In 2008 T3 joined in a partnership with Microsoft, HP, and Micro Focus to develop an integrated mainframe migration solution that we call Liberty 2.0, an integrated solution designed to migrate your small to midsized mainframe workloads to a Windows platform at a fixed price for the entire scope of work. T3 selected its partners carefully to insure each component in the solution compliments and perfectly integrates with the others and jointly provides the highest performance and lowest cost options in the market while retaining the RAS and Security (RAS + S) you have come to expect for your mission critical workloads. With Liberty 2.0, T3 professionals will handle the entire process for you—from site analysis to integration, migration services, and delivery—all on a low fixed-price basis.

Benefits of T3’s Liberty 2.0 include:

•T3 will do all the work for you allowing you to continue with day to day operations of your business while we work through the migration with minimum involvement from your team.
•T3’s innovative Liberty 2.0 system will allow you to retain your investment in legacy software by moving your existing mainframe environment directly onto a Windows platform.
•The Liberty 2.0 solution will result in significant reductions in operating costs - stemming from reduced hardware and software costs on Windows and SQL Servers and elimination of expensive IBM and third party software related costs. You will also see a significant reduction in batch cycle time by taking advantage of the increased power of modern processors.
•With Liberty 2.0 you will retain the RAS+S characteristics you demand in a mission critical environment while acquiring greater flexibility and positioning you
Premi 2010 Microsoft Technology Innovation Award
1992 - 2008: Many Customer Service Awards from IBM
Fondazione 1992
Prodotti Liberty 2.0 Integrated Mainframe Migration Solution
DataMover: Moves data from Mainframe formats to SQL

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