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The Bulky Bag of Holding

The Bulky Bag of Holding

55 Dayton Cres, Ottawa (ON), K2H 7N8, Canada

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Chi siamo Welcome The Bulky Bag of Holding... We have a bag of holding which is getting full in order to make room for MORE treasures we are pulling things to sell!
The Bulky Bag of Holding cover
Descrizione A long time ago in a galaxy far, far... Nah...
Space: the final frontier. These are the... not that either...
Once Upon a... un-uh...
There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as ... meh, That's closer...
For generations we've passed down a Bag of Holding. We've added to it as each generation before has and well... as much as these bags can hold they aren't infinite you know! The bag has gotten too bulky and if we want to add anything new to it ourselves before passing it down we'll need to clear some sh-tuff out of it.
We have no idea what's in there anymore...
We've placed in Art (provided by Days End Studio), Crafting Supplies, Jewelry, Unique Curiosities and other Items of interest... Plus who knows what previous generations have added!
It's pretty big, holds a LOT and things tend to get lost way, down, in between the folds you know. We'll be making regular 'pulls' from the bag and posting these items in 'The Bulky Bag of Holding' ETSY Store.
So please, check back frequently...
You never know when or what 'The Bulky Bag of Holding' is letting out of the bag to post in the Store.
Please feel free to follow us for Updates

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