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Theatergroep Max305

Theatergroep Max305

Beatrijsstraat 70C, Rotterdam, 3021CK, Netherlands

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Chi siamo Max305 is the initiative to break the silence and encourage everyone by theater. The Colonial Dutch-Indies past is an inspiration.
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Descrizione "The magic of theater arts Max305 elicits wonder and questions. The soul of suppressed stories is revealed and new life wil begin within the news of the day. Theater Max305 provides a platform for stories and interactive social contact."

Foundation MAX305
wants to work with performing arts at knowledge, mutual understanding, solidarity and peace for those who are directly or indirectly related to war and its consequences. Max305 wants to be inspired by the colorful strings of "forgotten" and concealed memories, with the aim to bring the stories in the spotlight and make them negotiable voor all.
Max305 shows are inspired by the knowledge and experience of people connected with the colonial past in the Dutch East Indies and the legacy of this group

- connects performing arts with life stories of war and the consequences of action and memories;
- working on objective knowledge of the historical, social and cultural context of the personal life;
- promotes understanding and social connection of those involved;
- supports the identity of individuals and groups;
- wants to launch a reflection process on the impact of war and violence;
- encourages collaboration with other institutions.

Max305 Foundation distinguishes itself by working with amateurs and professionals in the performing arts. Max305 performing arts is hybrid. Not an isolated art discipline but also a strong tool for a healthy society. The enchantment of art has the ability to develop special abilities at every meeting.
The cooperation and financial support of funds, companies and individuals is essential to the work of Foundation MAX305.

Het verhalend theater MAX305 wil het zwijgen doorbreken en stimuleren dat iedereen met een verhaal met MAX305 zijn zegje kan doen, met name degenen die gemarginaliseerd en kwetsbaar zijn door een oorlogstrauma. MAX305 maakt verhalend en documentair theater van de bonte aaneenschakelingen van ‘vergeten’ herinneringen die nooit verge

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