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Tourism Medak District

Tourism Medak District

medak, Medak, 500015, India

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Descrizione It is a historic place and was once known as Sidapuram. The place was a part of the Kakatiya Dynasty and

it reached its peak during this period. The town was built on a small hillock and was a natural fort.

The entrance of the fort has a symbol of a bird that dates back to the period of the Kakatiya. The architecture of the fort is

excellent and it is in the style of the Kakatiyas. There are three main entrances to the fort and they are known as the

Lions Gate, Prathana Dwaram and the Gaja Dwaram. The Gaja Dwaram has two sculptures of elephants. The fort is

home to a 17th century cannon and it has a trident that can be seen etched on its face.

There is a cathedral that is located in Medak and it was built after the World War I. The church is a feat of architecture

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