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Westgate Foundation

Westgate Foundation

Seattle (WA), 98118, United States

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(206) 240-7133

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Chi siamo This is to keep those connected and abreast to the developments and movements of West gate Foundation.
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Missione West Gate Foundation will focus on revitalizing our areas of service, typically low-income, underserved neighborhoods that have experienced significant disinvestment. Our thrust of operation is to build and implement creative community-based programs and a range of initiatives critical to community health such as, but not limited to:

~economic development ~securing affordable housing
~neighborhood planning projects ~provide educational and social services to neighborhood residents,

All of which results in strong communities and citizens.
Descrizione Our Objectives:

~Provide for strategic partnerships with community groups, organizations and citizens, enabling them to invest and collaborate in the growth and development of the community.

~To assess King County communities for the collection of data regarding the needs and areas of service, for effective development and implementation of creative strategies that target and address those areas of demand.

~To enhance the social and economic conditions of the citizen, producing thriving and vibrant neighborhoods, that become more active contributors to the city-wide Strategic Planning and Visioning process.

~Develop vehicles of sustainable progress that facilitate continual improvement of the quality of life for the communities we serve.

Our Keys to Success:

~Connect and partner with key community and organizational leaders, fostering strategic relationships that will provide a viable knowledge base and demographics for Community Assessments.

~Including the citizens of the community in the investment and development stages, making all endeavors citizen projects.
Secure a facility that will serve as a Resource Center.

~Accumulate additional capital and finances necessary to achieve each objective.

~Build a grant writing team that will work to fund our vision.
Fondazione Dr. John L. Hairston, Executive Director

Ronica N. Hairston, Director

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