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Cambridge (MA), United States

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(347) 789-0442

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Chi siamo XZEN is the first online personal training lab based on the performance of ancient Samurais and modern Celebrities.
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Missione XZEN - Shine Your Star Within ...
Descrizione XZEN is the first personal online training lab based on the performance of ancient Samurais and modern Celebrities from the movie, music, sport, fashion, politics and business industries, including more than 40 United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors like Angelina Jolie, Giorgio Armani, Shakira and Lionel Messi.

XZEN develops core qualities of your Super-Self: the full range of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and styling features that constitute your unique personality.

The XZEN Inner Technology Boutique offers simple, time-saving and highly-effective exercises - like meditations, visualizations, anchors and body movements - that you can practice anytime and everywhere you are: at home, office, gym, street, by watching TV, driving or walking.

Popular XZEN technologies include:

- the "Personal SWOT Matrix" - a simple questionnaire to help you identifying your unique Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats;

- the "Reality-Creation Equation" - a powerful formula to create and organize your success - and;

- "26-Hour Day" - an exclusive time management methodology that can let you gain 2 hours of quality time everyday.

XZEN has been developed by a team of scientists from a broad range of industries participating in the Florida International University’s research on "Celebrity-Diplomacy and New Technologies", the Stanford University Technological Entrepreneurship Programme - which applies the principles of Silicon Valley to massive online education - and other innovative training programmes worldwide.

To know more about the XZEN Celebrity Training Lab, please visit www.xzen.tv
Fondazione Enzo Di Taranto
Rahul Nanda
Prodotti - FREE Test (Know Your Strengths)
- Inspiring Nails
- Walk & Convince
- 3 Minute Energy Shower
- Speaking Abs
- 26 Hour a Day
- Scan your Body
- Personal Coaching Suite

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