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Reframe & Reclaim- Pregnancy Retreat Day


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I am so thrilled to be collaborating with Suzanne to bring you this unique retreat day. You’ll be held and inspired, connected and informed, and fed- we are including a lovely light lunch and refreshments.

I’ll be leading you through a mindset shift, one that changes your perspective of birth from something that happens to you, to something that you DO. When you adjust your outlook in this way, everything changes- your expectations, your approach, your experience.

And later, we will be exploring choice in pregnancy & birth- what are your options, usually they are plenty more than you think. We can talk broadly, I can cover things that come up often for my clients, or you can bring specific queries about your situation. We will be examining who influences our choices, whether we are ok with that, and how to make great decisions that you can reflect on with satisfaction, even if you don’t get your Plan A birth.

Here’s what Suzanne has to say:

I will lead a beautiful nurturing yoga class with modified postures designed to support and enhance a woman’s experience of pregnancy and birth, taking into account any pregnancy related issues you may have. The breath work will help you connect with the inner light of baby growing within you and give you some real tools for birth and beyond.

The class will be safe and fun and is suitable for all levels from beginners upwards and especially if you’ve never experienced a yoga class before I’d love to introduce you to the subtle power of yoga to support your transition to motherhood.
Should you just wish to rest during the class and let the beautiful music and mantras wash over you then there will be comfy bolsters and pillows for you to recline into.

Lastly I will softly drift you into a dream like meditation leaving you relaxed refreshed and revitalised.

Suzanne is a Holistic Therapist and Yoga Teacher specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage, Reflexology and Yoga. She has trained with some of the most well respected experts in the field of Women’s Health and continues to seek out like minded individuals to further enhance her knowledge. Suzanne is a Reiki Master/Teacher and regularly runs workshops to attune others to this wonderful healing modality and she is also a Moon Mother and offers Womb Blessings and Womb Healings to women of all ages. She runs Baby Massage and Reflexology classes and regularly host womens’ support groups and mentors other women in our community. She is passionate about her work with women’s physical, mental and emotional needs, but her aim is always the same – that you leave her care feeling refreshed, relaxed and uplifted.

Keri is founder of Do It Like A Mother. She is a Hypnobirthing Teacher (trained in 2013) and has supported hundreds of women towards a better birth. She runs group courses and Pregnancy Relaxation groups at her newly opened space, Do It Like A Mother HQ, also home to a tonne of other brilliant stuff for mothers and others.
Keri also runs a Mindset Mentoring online programme for mothers, and mentors mothers in business in the pursuit of their dreams.
She believes in education, and stepping outside of the “should” zone.
She is chipping away at the patriarchy on the daily, and believes all women deserve to recognise their own fricking magnificence in pregnancy, birth, motherhood and life.

Together we will create a beautiful safe space for you to talk should you wish to share, or to simply listen, the choice is yours. We will hold a space for you to transform, to rebalance, to reconnect with your inner power.

The investment is £85. You can secure your space with a £35 deposit, with the balance of £50 due by the end of April. (If for any reason you can’t make it, your deposit will be refunded if your space is filled).

PayPal.me/kerijarvis/35 and please drop me an email, keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk with your name, EDD, phone number, anything you think we should know, and what you’re looking to gain from the event (if you’re not sure- that’s ok!).