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Sacred Samhain Ceremony

Event organized by Shamandala

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The Earth turns, the season’s shift;
The Great Wheel cycles again,
Back around to where it began...
The Sabbat of SAMHAIN is upon us...

Autumn’s glorious mantle hangs upon the land, her constantly shifting colours a blaze of beauty that heralds the coming of winter’s icy touch. The year has passed and comes back round, the tides turn now from the realms of light and summer’s warmth toward the underworld and months of darkness and cold...

Here we come to the cross point of the seasons, the Sabbat of Samhain (Pronounced SOW-wen)...

This is the time for the end of the harvests, the fields hard worked through summer now lay empty and the granaries full, the people turn inward preparing for the coming winter and the time of the underworlds journey toward summers return. The God in the form of the Great Horned One of beasts and the wilds now descends into the Underworld to await his rebirth in the next season, giving his life in sacrifice so that the people may be fed. The Goddess so bright and full in autumn turns towards the Crone of winter, her icy grip on the land and skeleton fingers in the frozen bare limbs of trees...

To the Celts this time signified the end of the Wheels turning, the fulfillment of another year’s cycle of seasons celebrated over three days of feasting and ritual ceremony.

Traditionally held on the eve of October 31st in the Northern Hemisphere here in Australia we celebrate this season on the eve of April 30th. (*Exact date for 2018 is May 5, 2018 at 11:13PM)

As the ending of the years cycle Samhain is seen as a liminal time between worlds; the old year has ended and the new yet to rise with the coming sun, the night between long and filled with shadows of times passed.

On this night the veils that separate the realms are at their thinnest, beings from all places cross between to dance and play and mischief make. This night also sees those who have passed to the Summer Lands able to cross back for one night only, to visit and commune with their loved ones left living. Through this night lanterns would be lit by doorways and windows the night through, welcoming the wandering ones of the many worlds, acting as a beacon to those who have passed to find their way back, as well as a reminder through the night of the suns rising with the dawn. Small gifts of food along with special items handmade, letters and well wishes for loved ones would be left by door ways for those who passed and to ward off or appease those who would otherwise come to cause mischief for the household, hoping to receive a treat from such beings rather than their famous trickery.

Modern day sees this play out masqueraded by children dressed in costumes, ‘trick or treating’ in good ol faerie tradition with candy the exchange for those who come knocking. Lanterns now made of pumpkins reflecting the scarier creatures of this night.
The night beyond on this eve is dark and long, the sun only a promise yet to be made true, the mists rising the otherworld’s merging. The people of the old ways would take this nite to go internal, the wise seeking shelter by fire side safe indoors leaving the outside world for those who wander its mists. It was well believed that only the brave or foolish would venture out on such nights, for they would surely be lured and tricked by faerie play to lose their way, unknowingly finding their way into worlds beyond which human feet should not walk, perhaps not ever to return...

To the ancient Irish Samhain night was a night of total darkness, all fires across Ireland to be put out except for one held by the Druids on a sacred mound, from which all fires of hearth and village across Ireland would be then be relit.

One Samhain eve the mighty river that is time stops its flow for a moment, resting in the stillness before the suns rising and the reversing of its course. As a time outside of time this night allows for those with sight to traverse all worlds, to see beyond the now to both past and future spaces. This is a night for communing with those who have passed, as well as scrying for what has yet to pass.

For many this night is one of introspection and for inner workings, to review and release the year that has been, to make peace, to bring closure, to forgive, to mourn, to reminisce, let go and release; to give gratitude... A time to look back at the fields we have planted in our worlds, how we have sown and tended them and from them what we have in turn harvested. To acknowledge what has ended and what remains incomplete or unresolved. Often this night would be one to sit through in solitary vigil, keeping a sacred fire lit and tended till the morning’s dawn, scrying in its flames and giving way to inner journey and vision, a time to reflect on the journey walked and how it has led us. It is a time to prepare for the turning away from the world’s hectic pace, making ready for winters hibernation and deep nurtured rest where in our fertile imaginations we can begin once more tilling our inner fields and making ready for the seasons that lay ahead with the rich promise of spring...

Gods & Goddess’s for this night are of the Underworld, death & rebirth, Dark Ones such as the Morrigan, Hecate, Medusa, Cerridwen, Hel, Freya, Demeter & Persephone, The Great Horned One in His shadow form, Hades, Kronos, Anubis, Osiris, Odin, Pluto...

Ritualistically Samhain is a night for darker shadow ceremony, rituals for honouring the dead with photos and items on altars of those who have passed, along with gifts, offerings, food and a candle to guide them. In Australia we also have our traditional ANZAC celebrations close to this time where we all recall those who have fallen and the sacrifice they gave. It is a night to look at the year passed, at what still requires finishing off and completion, for celebrating our triumphs and gains as well as mourning our losses and all that has passed. A night for ritual sacrifice and letting go, death and rebirth rituals, cauldron and candle magick, burning away the old and cleansing the self for sunrise and the new year. Scrying in black crystals, bowls of black water & mirrors or loosing oneself in fire flame; divination with tarot, ogham, runes & oracle.

Colours are of death, blacks and blood reds, deep purples and greys along with orange and gold for the harvests now finished. Harvest style fruits and vege like pumpkins, pomegranates, coloured corn, seeds & nuts, oranges and things in season. Make mulled wine and cider rich with fruits and herbs to see the night through. Collect and make bundles of herbs for cleansing such as rosemary, sage, bay, as well as divination such as mugwort. Pine cones and needles, acorns, autumn leaves and flowers like marigolds and sunflowers. It is a time to bring out ones shadow gear with dark crystals such as obsidian, tektite, tourmaline, nuumite, jet; death symbols such as bones and skulls; masks, black robes and veils.

Many blessings to all who wander the Many Worlds this Samhain Eve;

Merry Meet, Merry Part, & Merry Meet Again~


Join me for this very special event as we celebrate SAMHAIN in ritual ceremony and inward journey, co-hosted by the participants of the LIVING MAGICK Workshop who shall be setting the scene and ritual for this event..

The theme for this Ceremony shall be 'The Veil', and so all participants are encouraged to wear a veil over their face or a mask to masquerade with, so none may know if you are Mortal, Fae or Spirit!

A complete ritual journey into the shadow and mists of the Many Worlds, honouring our past and the year now gone; communing with our Ancestors, scrying and personal divination, the shadow self and inner labyrinths, death and rebirth ceremony and more...

Post Ceremony shall be a Seasonal Feast with Mulled wine, tea, cakes and fruits served.

What to bring:

Images and items of loved ones passed
Shadow items, crystals and death symbols
Divination & Scrying tools
A candle in a lantern or dish
Sage or herbs for cleansing
Drums or rattles
Anything inspired by your feelings for this season.

Dress code is in colours as listed above, wearing a mask or veil is highly recommended. Remember this is a night of Shadow and so keep colours dark and mysterious!

$35 per person + a plate to share for the feast in theme with the season.. (Prepaid preferred to avoid handling cash on the night. Contact host James Sargeant for payment details. If required you can pay on the eve but please arrive early to get this done!)

7:30 – 9:30 pm, Saturday April 28th

Doors open at 7 pm and close at 7:45 so please ensure you are here in time as we will not be letting in anyone post this.

AT: NATURAL FORCES; 151 Ormond Road, Elwood..

Share or invite friends if inspired
Places limited.

Eternal Blessings