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REProduce Pune | Session Four

TIFA Working Studios
Event organized by TIFA Working Studios

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REProduce Pune at TIFA
Sunday, 10th December, 5-8 PM

**Donor Passes available at the door at INR300**

On Sunday, December 10, New Delhi based music collective REProduce Artists return to TIFA Working Studios. Inspired in part by their REProduce Listening Room series, this monthly intervention aims to showcase talent that generally may not fit in the mainstream venue circuit - at least, not yet.

Co-hosted by TIFA, this iteration marks a sort of evolution from our past Saturday evening events; we are going to try a Sunday, and we are going to go over the course of sunset. As before however, the terrace of TIFA will be the arena - a wide rooftop, one stage, and room to sit, move, or stare.

Gaya (Pune, India)

After spending time studying music at LCCM London, moving to Bombay, and then getting sick of Bombay as one often does, Gaya Tideman now spends most of her time in Pune. Her commercial work sees her doing the ad film hustle, but she’s lately been performing more to a public. We got to know of her first from her collaboration with Kumail, and more recently, a suggestion from Trishla at TIFA that she really should play; so, I asked her, and she said she’s been moving more and more into solo performances and wasn’t sure what she’d do - which obviously presents the perfect time for her to debut with us.

Pulpy Shilpy (Pune, India)

Gowri just got back from Korea and in my head I saw her eating endless piles of bulgogi and bottomless bowls of bibimbap, but that’s mainly because I want to eat endless piles of bulgogi and bottomless bowls of bibimbap. With a lifetime supply of soju. Come to think about it, I wonder if Hite Beer & Jinro Soju does events in India. I’d definitely go to a show if Jinro was a sponsor, because soju is basically perfect booze and 20% abv is just a super weird schedule. Did you know Jinro soju is the world’s best selling booze? Like, on Earth? I always thought it was Officer’s Choice. Anyway, Pulpy Shilpy is amazing, she played a bunch in Korea, and this is her first gig since she’s been back, so come out and give her some love (soju or OC).

Three Oscillators (Bombay, India)

Brij reveals layers of depth - I found out from that Plalform article that he has a straight job (I don't know what it is), he perfoms as zzz and DISQUIET (I know what that is) and lately he's been producing a number of events for us; from all indications it seems like thats something that comes as naturally to him as the other things he does with his time. So apart from leading production on this session, he's also going to perform as Three Oscillators. And maybe some other stuff I can't talk about yet.

Buki x Karan Kanchan (Pune, India)

Harshit and Karan actually live together. This is interesting for a number of reasons, some which are admittedly conjecture as far as my own personal reverie, but for the purposes of what I’m about to suggest, there is one reason in particular. They have never actually tried to perform together as a duo before (that DJ set in college doesn’t count). This implies that everyday, they see each other, have probably split the cost of a kg of sugar together, know what colour and condition the other persons toothbrush is, and have heard muffled sounds from the other person producing music behind a closed door - but have never actually made music together, live. I’ve just read this back and it sounds like a reality TV show.

For more information:

TIFA Working Studios: www.tifa.edu.in
REProduce Artists: instagram.com/reproduceartists
REProduce Listening Room: win.gs/2iqDjpX