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FISHinc. Tackle Systems

FISHinc. Tackle Systems

1 Jacob Amsden Rd, Westborough (MA), 01581, United States

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(508) 983-4092

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O nas Innovative LED Tackle Systems. Removable. Submersible. Versatile.
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Opis Adam Gibbs and Nick Bongi, the 17-year-old founders of FISHinc. Tackle Systems, have set out to transform the sport of night fishing with an innovative line of tackle storage systems.

Our Story

In 2011, we were night fishing on a dock in Florida when we SAW THE LIGHT…or lack thereof. Everyone was holding a flashlight in their teeth, or using the flashlight app on their iPhone to unhook fish, grab lures, cut fishing line…etc. In fact, our only flashlight rolled into the water and we sent an iPhone flying off the dock while trying to tie a knot. We did see someone with a headlamp, which is hands-free and provides a great direct beam of light, but a headlamp can’t illuminate a large area. The capper for us was the fact that most night fishing light sources are, ironically, not water resistant, and some do not provide adequate light.

Our frustration, plus our motivation, led us to a better solution.

We set out to create a line of tackle boxes and bags* with self contained LED lighting systems. We accomplished all of that and more:
•Plenty of storage
•There is a tubular, self-contained LED light housed in one of the three trays
•The rotatable light illuminates each tackle system completely, as well as 10ft of space around each unit
•Your hands are free to cut line, handle fish, lures, etc.
•The light is rechargeable via a USB cable, providing a backup power source for small devices, such as smartphones or iPods
•The light easily detaches from the box to be used as a torch/flashlight
•The light is submersible up to about 100ft — perfect for illuminating bait wells. Using the included lanyard and some fishing line, the light can be submersed in an ocean or lake to attract schools of baitfish, eliminating the need for a separate underwater fish light and marine battery.*
•More light and more battery power for your phone means more safety for you

*Patent Pending*

80% of recreational fisherman like to fish at night, and 44% of all recreational fishermen prefer to fish a
Założona Adam Gibbs and Nick Bongi
  • 1 Jacob Amsden Rd, Westborough (MA), 01581, United States
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