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Global Tiling, Inc.

Global Tiling, Inc.

420 Dividend Dr, Ste C, Peachtree City (GA), 30269, United States

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(770) 487-1818

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O nas We specialize in industrial Tile supply and installation for High End car dealers. We also do flooring systems for the food and beverage industry.
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Misja To provide each and every customer with a floor that will last, and be beautiful for a life time, every time.
Opis Vibrated - Bonded Systems
The bonded floor is the most common tiling system when it comes to new construction. It is typically considered for slab-on-grade concrete slabs. Argelith ceramic floor tiles would be installed on a fresh mud bed using the proven vibration method.
Argelith clinker and fully vitrified floor tiles are manufactured specifically for vibration installation, with characteristics such as slip resistance, acid resistance and frost resistance. The vibration installation maximizes the strength of a tiled floor and the gap between tiles is as low as 1/16” to 1/8”.

The General Contractor needs to provide a depression in the concrete slab of 2-1/4” to 2-1/2” for the bonded flooring system. The concrete slab to have a broom finish with no curing compounds used.

Global Tiling, Inc experienced tile setters would place the mortar bed manually and level it with aluminium straight edges. Argelith ceramic floor tiles are then placed in a slurry bond coat onto the mortar bed. Prefabricated expansion joint strips are set into the mortar bed before a high-frequency roller vibrator is applied which vibrates the tiles and expansion joints onto the mud bed. Once the tiles are vibrated onto the mortar bed, it is free of air pockets and the tiles are enveloped in the mortar bed. This results in exceptional shear and compressive strengths. The fusion created by the bond slurry during the vibration process effectively offers the owner a monolithic floor construction of extreme density, which is impermeable to impact shock and high loading.

Vibrated - Non-Bonded Systems
The non-bonded floor is very similar to the bonded tile floor. However, the non-bonded floor is a good choice for slab-on–deck constructions that are subject to deflection and bending. It is also the preferred flooring solution in existing buildings since a separation layer is placed on the existing concrete slab which makes the non-bonded floor a “floating” system. The mud bed shall be at least 2-3/8”
Nagrody *Certified installation company award from Argelith tile
*Letter of recommendation from BMW, Mercedes, Mini dealerships and many more.
*Experienced installation crew
*Experienced Office support staff
Założona Global Tiling, Inc. Was founded in 2009
Produkty www.argelith.com

Clinker Tiles - The Classic Tile in Brickred

First appearance 1870 - And still going strong!
The definitive solution for fulfilling all of the requirements placed on a robust and durable floor surface - Argelith’s brick-red clinker tile.

Argelith clinker tiles are decisively harder than other floor surfaces. They are available in 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch thicknesses. The unglazed tiles are resistant to oils, acids and caustic solutions. At your request, we will supply this classic tile in brick red with a choice of anti-slip surfaces fulfilling all of the requirements of the trade associations from R10-R13 and V06-V10. Their durability and ease of maintenance make Argelith clinker tiles the preferred floor covering for industry, public areas and catering. And in private residential accommodation, this completely natural product provides lasting comfort.
We are pleased to present the wide range of application and design opportunities offered by Argelith clinker tiles in our application brochure.

Fully Vitrified Tiles
Also in the future, innovating product developments will have highest priority for Argelith Bodenkeramik, in accordance with a way of manufacturing that respects environment as well as resources. Day by day, 130 qualified employees secure the production of high-quality floor ceramics and precise delivery worldwide.
High-quality products are made on a solid basis. Only good conditions guarantee continuously high standards. Argelith built one of Europe’s most advanced factories for the manufacturing of fully vitrified tiles. That’s what the quality seal mvtec (micro-consolidating technologies) stands for.
Our stoneware tiles are made of high-quality raw materials. We set a high value on a careful processing of the raw materials. Our credo: manufacturing of outstanding stoneware tiles, but conserve the environment for the next generation. For example: our industrial water is being processed almost completely.
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