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Government Laboratory High School Comilla

Government Laboratory High School Comilla

Kotbari, Comilla, 3503, Bangladesh

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O nas Govt. Laboratory High School Kotbari, Comilla is a famous school in Comilla, It's one of the oldest and renowned school in Comilla, Established in 1967
Government Laboratory High School Comilla cover
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Opis Ex - Student of this School Are the target to be Connect again to know Each Other.
Govt. Laboratory High School Kotbari, Comilla...
this is our school... we all love and miss our school so much. There's noting like the school. We used to have so much fun!

Our school memories is so colourful....Standing for aasemblies in the chilling winter morning.. loughing, giggling... playing cricket, football and so many more interesting games....
Tiffin periods... finishing friends tiffin and leveing their boxes empty... climbing the shoes and hanging like monkeys...doing home work (and not doing home work :p), getting new text books, note books,pencil, pen and school bag in every new class..

If become fail like dead for not getting math exam paper signed by parents,.... during the class lectures... having cold war with the our senior...sitting on the last bench and talking loudly and making noises in the class room when everyone reeding,... walking in the street with loads of gangstar attitudes... sitting on the Cafeteria(Bard), Nilachol(Bard),Teacher Traning College campus, Poly Technic Ins campus after the end of class periods.....having light chat with friends, singing songs, distrabing all school girls, distrabing new sir/madam(from Teacher Traning College),

Time doen't wait no matter how we want to stop the time! just like that one day we become the topmost seniors...we got promotion to class 10 and we become the big boss! just the big bosses! bossing around the juniors become our passion! parades, march past, field trips, every where we ruled! we didn't care about anybody and anything.... working hard for the special anual funtion and sports program...

Our school gave us a lot. we spont very important segments we got the opportunity to have those amazings lovings and respected our teachers to tech us. and how can we ever forget? school helped us meet those innoecently misehievous friends, who made those moments so special, life seemed great when they're with us

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