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Set of Drifters

Set of Drifters

Los Angeles (CA), 90018, United States

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O nas Your hosts Doug & Brady are thrilled to share with you a different slant on both popular, and unexpected, travel destinations across the world and back.
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Misja In short, your "Set of Drifters" endeavor to explore fun and adventurous destinations slightly off the beaten path. Having lived collectively in some of the world's "greatest cities" where tourists flock every day of the year, we have both cultivated a strong aversion to super-touristy places, especially crowded ones. Now, this does not mean we’ll avoid such quixotic attractions as Mexico City's Teotihuacán or Agra’s Taj Mahal. And tourist mecca's like Barcelona and New Orleans will always end up on our TO-DO list because they are destinations that offer new experiences with each and every subsequent visit. But what you can bet on is that you’ll rarely find your Set of Drifters spending time in “tourist hells” such as Times Square or “Hollywood & Highland.” (Good rule of thumb: If a place is overrun with buskers, it’s time to stay away.)

Let's take Paris for example. While many first time visitors spend an entire day traipsing through the Louvre just to get a glimpse of da Vinci's Mona Lisa behind a plate of glass, your Set of Drifters would rather scout out a Montparnasse gallery featuring some edgy up-and-comer. (We have seen the image of Lisa’s enigmatic smile many times, and we’ve already experienced a number of great works of art behind a plate of glass! Next.) That being said, we may still wait an hour for an elevator up to the top of the Eiffel Tower because, though we may have seen a photographic image of the view in a guidebook, that image does not come with a flute of pink champagne! In other words, it’s the experience that is important, not the checkmark next to the photo on any "Top 10 Attraction" list.

Ultimately, your "Set of Drifters" relish in discovering the places where locals hang out versus the ones those traditional guidebooks think we should. We despise typical souvenir shops - Pier 39 anyone? - and thus, would be more inclined to bring home a stone, piece of wood, or even a goat's horn, to remind us of our adventures.

Before we
Opis A lot of love went into the creation of our Set of Drifters travel blog, extensive photo albums and "pulsation" YouTube video series. We now offer content for over 40 cities in 13 countries - and counting. Please reach out to us to let us know what you think, or if you have any questions about a particular location. And if you work for a travel agency, hotel, restaurant, bar, etc., we want to hear from you! Is our information incorrect? Please drop us a line so we can fix it!

We wish you many safe travels in the year ahead!

Happy trails - Doug & Brady
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