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How to Teach in the Embodied Way for an embodied practice


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What is the Embodied way of teaching yoga?

When you are guiding people to be in their bodies, to start moving from the initiation of the breath without any agenda but to be there and explore their form in movement, awareness expands and you dive into a greater sense of embodiment.

How do we "teach" that?

Well that is the thing. It can be challenging.

Moving from the traditional pedagogic “instructions” and “techniques” to inviting students to explore the shapes and movements of their bones, the ways muscles hug and pull, organs slide and glide, skin breathes and the sense of YOU there in the in-between and immersed in it at the same time.... It can get a little confusing and not so clear.

Yoga is for union. Union between mind and body, my heart and yours and so on, but many time during the well aiming yoga class a student will find her/himself more in the mind of it than the heart (bodymind together) of it.

However, the appearance of words such as Somatic, Embodied, Spontanious movements etc. are evidence that we are bringing more on the plate. We are needing more on the plate to heal and connect more deeply into ourselves. we are here to check in not to check out.

Im glad to see we are moving from alignment cues, anatomical rules and more linear and structured era to mirror more of the cyclical and spontaneous nature of life, to slip back into the flow of our inner rhythms and into a more intuitive way of teaching.

How to hold space for embodiment as a teacher? How to have the alignments but still have space for authenticity? How to be there from our own embodiment but not to get lost there at the same time?

All of that and more we shall tackle together.

all explorations that I will share will bring you tools and confidence to guide your students into a deeper sense of self

for example:

⚬ What is “traditional” yoga asana and why is it (only) "not working" anymore.

⚬ Why and how somatic movement has been proven more effective in awareness building.

⚬ Explorative movement and practices that help shift our habitual movement patterns.

⚬ Functional, embodied anatomy of the moving body, including the nervous system, connective tissue, cellular and fluid body.

⚬ How to teach non-linear based asana and non-alignment based structure.

⚬ The type(s) of sequencing that work

⚬ Diving into exercises that challenge the brain and body to adapt, get stronger yet softer at the same time.

⚬ We play and have fun with explorations igniting our, maybe lost, superpower- Imagination

⚬ we try out many different transmissional practices to let our creativity support our teaching (music, paint, journal, dance etc.)

Im so excited to share these with you!

xxx, Satu

This gathering and "training" is for yoga/movement instructors and teachers only! Or trainees in teacher trainings.


everyday 12-17 (30min break)

all together 13,5h

Price: 3500kr for the entire event.

Sign up at