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François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve

François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve

Anse Quitor, Plaine Corail, ., Mauritius

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Sobre nós This 19-hectare nature reserve enables you to experience some of the unique flora and fauna of Rodrigues, which had almost completely disappeared.
François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve cover
Descrição The Reserve is located at Anse Quitor in Rodrigues, and its popularity keeps growing among visitors and locals. So far more than 2000 tortoises, including those born on site since 2008, live peacefully on the premises. Our guides are well trained and will ensure your safety during the visit.

Walking among the tortoises: They were once hundreds of thousands on the island but all disappeared after a century of human exploitation. With the introduction of two other species: Aldabrachelys gigantea & Astrochelys radiata in the reserve, you will live a unique experience as you stroll surrounded by giant tortoises.
Plants: After the severe deforestation suffered by Rodrigues, our mission is to recreate the lush and idyllic island described by François Leguat (1691-1693). Up to now, more than 186000 endemic & indigenous species have been planted on 18.7 acres of land.

Bats: The Rodrigues fruit bat (Pteropus rodericensis) is the sole indigenous mammal of our island. In 1970, only 70 individuals remained. After an intensive conservation project, today the species is no longer considered under threat.

Grande Caverne: 9 caves meander beneath the surface of the Reserve, the longest and most spacious being The Grande Caverne. 'It is The Only Cave in the Indian Ocean' equipped with lights, a walkway & handrail for your comfort & safety. As you move along the circuit, the cave will unveil its secrets and awesome formations.

Museum: This is the ideal place to increase your knowledge about the history of the island, its geology, the impact of man on its fauna and its flora. Since March, 2014 a new section on Rodrigues’ postal history has been added.

Centre Alfred North-Coombes: Named in honour of the Mauritian author and historian for his publications on the history of Rodrigues, this facility gives students and researchers access to archived documents.

Shop: Here you will find carefully selected souvenirs, quality gifts, books and Rodriguan handicraft.

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Fundação 07/14/2007