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Warrior Spirit Fitness and Self-Defense

Warrior Spirit Fitness and Self-Defense

2929 Eskridge Road East, Suite E, Fairfax (VA), 22031, United States

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(571) 762-2818

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Sobre nós Fitness and self-defense developed by former Special Forces soldiers. Improve your physical fitness, memory, focus, and learn valuable self-defense skills.
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Missão Create a safer and more productive society by helping others to achieve beyond their perceived limits.
Descrição Throughout history, real warriors have all had something in common called the "Warrior Spirit." The warrior spirit is about taking on life's most difficult challenges in the name of making the world a better and safer place to live. WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is about challenging, cultivating, and preparing oneself in that heroic warrior tradition. Our elite cadre of both U.S. and foreign special operations combat veterans have been practicing a stick-fighting based fitness and self-defense program that is derived from ancient battlefield arts. It builds multiple skills and attributes that will make you healthier, help you to live longer, develop you mentally and spiritually, and make you a warrior better prepared to fight the good fight.

Now we're teaching this revolutionary training path to civilians for the betterment of our society. A stick happens to be the only piece of equipment required to get started with our low-impact workouts, and it makes for a great improvised self-defense weapon! But perhaps what's even more intriguing is that our unique stick-fighting drills provide a cutting-edge, natural form of "neuroplasticity," or gradual re-wiring of the brain--literally making you more coordinated, more focused, and able to learn new skills more quickly. Our drills are the perfect foundation for any military, law enforcement, protective security, or civilian fitness training program.

When will you ever lift a kettlebell or curl a barbell in the course of protecting yourself or others? Probably never. But you WILL have to have attributes like great striking speed, power, endurance, footwork, balance, coordination, dexterity, timing, mental focus, emotional control, and situational awareness. Our training builds all of these as efficiently and effectively as possible!
Prémios 2018 Expertise--Best Martial Arts in Washington, DC; 2017 Expertise--Best Martial Arts in Washington, DC; 2017--Best of Fairfax, Fitness; 2016--Best of Fairfax, Fitness
Fundação Officially founded in 2015 by former U.S. Army Special Operations personnel.
Produtos Fitness training, Self-defense instruction, Home-defense consulting, Security consulting
  • 2929 Eskridge Road East, Suite E, Fairfax (VA), 22031, United States
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