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Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic

Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic

Vancouver (BC), Canada

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О нас Our downtown Vancouver naturopathic Clinic has evolved from decades of success, a complete health blueprint called the Thrive Program.
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Описание At Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic we have uncovered a complete health blueprint called “The Thrive Program.” This program is comprised of: Wholesome Nutrition, Optimal Organ Function, Aligned Structure and a Healthy Mind. At AIWC we focus on these four core foundations to restore balance and vitality in each of our patients. This space creates an opportunity for the individual to shift from an area of dis-ease into a state of Complete Mind Body Health.

1) Wholesome Nutrition: Let us help you get on track and ensure your nutrition is optimized for your needs.

2) Optimal Organ Function: We have several wonderful Naturopathic Physicians on staff that have undergone 8 years of post secondary education to uncover the “cause” of an individual’s ailments, restoring functional physiology naturally, and getting you back on a track of health and well being.

3) Aligned Structure: Injured muscles, ligaments or tendons and scar tissue can cause decreased lymphatic drainage or impaired circulation. It’s important to treat injuries and re-align the spine.

4) Healthy Mind: The lens we view life with creates an interactive play between our body’s physiology and the outside world. Having a healthy perception can vastly improve your health.

Welcome to AIWC’s facebook page. Congratulations on taking the first step towards your optimal health journey. It is a very empowering moment when you have made the decision that something in your life needs to change and taking the first steps to getting there.

The goal of our clinic is to co-facilitate a road to optimal health and well being for you and your loved ones. We make a promise to our patients that they will feel supported, heard and empowered throughout their healing journey. It is a collective effort where we will work together as a team. Let’s look in the right direction together and begin on your journey towards a body and mind that allows you to “Thrive”

“No Doctor has ever healed anything! They only remove roadblock

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