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Axxis Fitness Consultancy

Axxis Fitness Consultancy

85 Great Western Hwy, Emu Plains (NSW), 2750, Australia

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О нас Qualifications:
Bachelor of Science ( Anatomy and Physiology )
Masters in Chiropractic
Associated Diploma in health Science
Diploma in Acupuncture
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Описание With 25 years’ experience working in the health and fitness / health care industry both domestically and internationally , I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the tablet when dealing with my client’s needs and goals.
I have many satisfied customers from all over the world and from all walks of life ; ranging from professional athletes to stay home mothers .

Below is a testimonial from my client Sarah :

“I am not new to training or healthy eating, I have been training and counting macros for years and have previously had great results. I have done long distance running, I teach Les Mills Body Attack classes and I have an addiction to lifting heavy weights at the gym.

In July 2014 I was comfortably sitting at 24% body fat, lifting heavy weights and feeling great. I had high goals and was well on my way to achieving them. However, in September last year some pretty stressful things happened and suddenly my body started to balloon. In the space of four months I jumped up to 35% body fat and felt terrible. As a personal trainer myself, I have a good working knowledge of training and nutrition, and I tried reverting to some of my older macros and training regimes that had worked in the past - but nothing I did helped whatsoever. I simply couldn't seem to budge any of the weight, and moreover, I was exhausted all the time and feeling absolutely disgusting.

So when I attended Andrei's nutritional workshop in November 2014 and he spoke about using science and blood tests to determine our unique body's notional requirements, I knew I had found the right guy to work with.

Having done all the tests and establishing a program, within two weeks of undertaking it I noticed significant changes in my body composition and energy! I couldn't believe it when I put the two photos together and saw the radical changes, and I still can't believe it when I look in the mirror! I have dropped weight around my belly and legs, and am looking and feeling less bloated. Moreov

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