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Baluba Designs

Baluba Designs

15 Pier Street, Ventnor (QLD), PO38 1ST, Australia

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07796 220165

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О нас Offering a large range of beautiful 50's inspired dresses and accessories, stunning and unique cushions, a wide range of gifts including our 'Man Cave' collection and so much more, you will be sure to find something you love.
We are also delighted to be s
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Описание Baluba designs was created with Vegans particularly in mind.
Being very disappointed with the usual gifts found on the internet; skin care, food and T shirts with the standard messages, I decided to provide something a little different.

Most of my designs can be found on eBay:

More designs will be added here as they become available. Alternatively, you can order direct from me, just send me a message.

Baluba? I am often asked where that name came from.
Well, it started with a cat. Many years ago had the most beautiful fluffy grey cat whom I named 'Balu', being a play on the word 'Blue'. Somehow that name got lengthened to the outrageous 'Balubalubajube'! When eBay made an appearance, I needed a user name, so I decided on Baluba_jube after my beloved cat.
Unfortunately Balu lost a fight with a car and so the name Baluba lives on in his memory.
Основана 15th April 2018
Продукты 50's inspired dresses, soft furnishings, gift ware, printing service, art and more!

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