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О нас Building Inclusive Urban Communities (BInUCom)
A project funded under EU Erasmus+ Program in the field of Capacity Building in Higher Education
Binucom cover
Описание Rapid urbanization is in Indian cities lead by 2022 to a housing shortage of about 30 million people, gives an idea of the appalling conditions for the urban poor. The Indian government has an objective by the establishment of the "Housing for All" program defined by the year 2022nd This situation creates a huge demand for architects and urban planners who can deal with the complex challenges of sustainable social housing and the development of inclusive urban communities. To complement with a horizontal exchange of best practices, the vertical policymaking in India, the BInUCom project aims at strengthening the cooperation between Indian universities in Ahmedabad (CEPT), Coimbatore (Karpagam), Mumbai (KRVIA) and Vijayawada (SPAV). From Danube University Krems - University for Professional Studies (DUK) coordinated and supported by the University of Twente (UTWENTE) and Lund University (ULUND), the project will: • Production of Open Educational Resources to support the joint development of résumés for 4 cities , 16 indigenous case studies and 16 course descriptions, based on the MIT OpenCourseWare model. • Relevance of architecture and planning studies to increase with the introduction of multidisciplinary topics such as social inclusion, sustainable housing, participatory mapping and evaluation of the environmental risks. • relationships between higher education institutions in India and its broader socio-economic environment to strengthen the provision of information, advice and feedback mechanisms with different social actors during case studies, by means of external training for stakeholders in each of the 4 cities, organization of 4 local disseminations workshops and 2 national conferences, and by releasing Open educational resources and additional materials on the website. These results will raise the profile of the universities and their ability to respond to social needs, improve the employability of graduates and networking between local actors and intensif
Основана 10/15/2015

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