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Bugs for Bugs

Bugs for Bugs

Bowen St, Mundubbera (QLD), 4626, Australia

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О нас Insectary in Mundubbera, QLD producing beneficial insects for biological control.
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Описание Beneficial insect production is very challenging. Maintaining continuous insect production of each beneficial species requires constant monitoring of the rearing systems and attention to detail. Bugs for Bugs uses around 250 tonnes of butternut squash and 24 tonnes of wheat per year for its beneficial insect production.

There are four main rearing systems:

* beneficial insects for scale insects
* beneficial insects for mealybugs
* moth parasites and lacewings
* fly parasites for control of nuisance flies

Our company also provides a crop monitoring service to assist growers in achieving good Integrated Pest Management. We have provided IPM consulting sevices in countries such as Thailand, Jordan and Morocco.

Bugs for Bugs has also carried out contract research to evaluate IPM compatible materials including their effect on biological control agents.
Основана 1981

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