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C&M Manpower Agency Pte Ltd

C&M Manpower Agency Pte Ltd

7A Jasmine Road, Adelphine Park Estate, Singapore, 576581, Singapore

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Описание Our objective is to build long term business relationships with our Clients. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement rather than just maintaining the status in the recruitment industry.

We can introduce you to a variety of roles in different industry sectors and help you determine what field is most interesting to you.

We base this on:
Gaining a good working knowledge of our Clients businesses.
Facilitating Clients recruitment and employment requirements when they need them.
Working with our Clients on the basis of trust and integrity.

This means we are recruiting staff who are:
Productive from day one.
A good fit to your company/organisation.

C & M Manpower Agency adopts a pro-active approach to ensure our Clients have staffs when they need them.

Both clients and candidates partnering with C & M Manpower Agency will benefit from our fresh approach to the management of people, expectations and relationships. And it’s our commitment to those relationships for the long term that has seen many of our candidates become our clients and advocates.

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