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Canberra Fitness Centre

Canberra Fitness Centre

Dacre St, Canberra (ACT), 2911, Australia

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Время работы
ПН 05:30 – 11:00 СБ 07:30 – 12:00
ВТ 05:30 – 11:00 ВС закрыто
СР 05:30 – 11:00
ЧТ 05:30 – 11:00
ПТ 05:30 – 11:00
О нас Canberra Fitness Centre
Canberra Fitness Centre cover
Описание Canberra Fitness Centre is your 1 stop shop for all things health and fitness. What makes us different apart from the fact we're not a gym? We offer Personal training, small group PT, mums with bubs, BoxFit, Bootcamp, Pilates/Barre and Chase Athletic. All the trainers make sure they are correcting you where needed so you don't injure yourself on your journey of creating a healthier you. We're not about "gotta get your bikini body back" (yes that will happen from the changes you'll make in your life but it's not the driving factor). If you are looking for a place to train where you won't be judged on what label of workout clothing your wearing or whether your skinny enough or fit enough the Canberra Fitness Centre is for you!

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