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Club Choice Caddy

Club Choice Caddy

Cambridge (MA), 02140, United States

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О нас Innovative, highly-effective new playing aid for amateur and beginning golfers, that is also a cost-effective advertising platform for local businesses or national brands.
Club Choice Caddy cover
Описание On-course playing aid for amateur and beginner golfers that helps improve iron selection to lower scores. Also includes advertising space for local businesses and national brands.

"I'd put one on every steering wheel of every golf cart that goes out." - Pro Shop Assistant Manager, Hawks Landing, Marriott Golf, Orlando, FL.

"We are really loving the cards and I am thinking about sending some to each of our golf pros." - MaxXcel Sports

"As someone who sees 'slow play' on a daily basis, this seems like a great idea...if it saves even 10 minutes per foursome not only will there be more revenue due to added players ...but also added revenue from repeat business...I think this will be a great tool.' - Kraig Binder, Asst. Superintendant Plumbrook Golf Course

"I am a Golf Course manager who also runs our practice facility. We are always looking for tools to help our members speed up play. The Club Choice Caddy helps my members take what they have learned on the range and apply it to their play. I recommend it to just about everyone on my range." - Teaching Pro, CA
"Many of my regulars would benefit from using the Club Choice Caddy. It's so simple and easy to use, and most of my customers are average players." - Club Pro, Private Course, OH

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