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CPA Wealth Advisors

CPA Wealth Advisors

5565 Glenridge Connector, Suite 825, Atlanta (GA), 30342, United States

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(678) 671-3785

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О нас Our firm is dedicated to assisting our clients in planning and achieving their income, wealth and retirement objectives. See more at: www.cpa4wealth.com
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Миссия Our firm is dedicated to assisting our clients in planning and achieving their income, wealth and retirement objectives.
Описание CPA Wealth Advisors, LLC, co-founded by Gerry Benjamin and Howard "Woody" Alpern, both CPAs with over 50 years of combined investment and financial advisory experience, knows how important it is to have qualified CPA advisors assisting our clients in establishing and achieving their personal financial income, retirement, and wealth planning goals and objectives.

We know first-hand that tax planning strategies play a vital role in optimizing virtually every aspect of our clients' financial planning & investing results, including critical budgeting, income tax, estate planning, retirement planning, education planning, insurance planning & planning for key milestones and contingencies in your life. We believe that our backgrounds and expertise as CPAs allow us to provide valuable assistance to our clients with every aspect of their financial lives.

You have a choice with your money, and your retirement. You can keep doing what you're doing today. Or you can take control. If you take control, and create that plan...
All of your questions, become answers.
All of the uncertainty and doubt, becomes confidence.

We'll prove it to you with our “Simplified Retirement Action Plan.” In this plan, you'll discover simple strategies to:
- Minimize your risk.
- Transform your savings into an income workhorse in retirement.
-How to save thousands in unnecessary taxes, penalties and fees.
- How to wring every nickel out of your social security benefits.
- Earn additional benefits that could literally mean thousands more in your pocket every single year!

This customized plan is specifically designed for you! This is your one chance right now … to finally take control of your retirement.

To schedule a meeting with us and our #1 ranked in Georgia CPA Wealth Advisors to receive your free, customized simplified retirement action plan, call 770-622-9145.
Основана Howard "Woody" Alpern & Gerry Benjamin
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