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Disability Arts Online

Disability Arts Online

9-10 Jew Street, Brighton, BN1 1UT, United Kingdom

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07411 824458

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О нас Sharing Disability Arts and Culture with the World
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Миссия Dao's vision is to achieve widespread appreciation for the richness and diversity of disability arts and culture.

We aim to do this by transforming and enriching arts and culture through nurturing creativity and discourse from a disability perspective.
Описание What people say about us:

“I think you do a fantastic job, the world is a culturally richer and more amazing place because DAO exists”

“DAO provides underrepresented people with a platform to express themselves.”

“I think you provide a very valuable resource and it is wonderful to see that it is such a thriving community.”

“A remarkable resource. Constantly delivering new material, it is always stimulating. It is now the only journal of record for the disability arts movement, and as such, a highly important resource for those of us who wish to follow new developments in this area.”

“[DAO is] a link to the disability arts world which I think is vital in terms of forming a positive identity as a disabled person. It's important to me because I am housebound so cannot access things in the traditional manner.”
Основана 2004

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