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Fight Club 56: Fighting Game Casuals at Boss Battle Games

Boss Battle Games
Организатор мероприятия Boss Battle Games

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Casuals begin at 7PM. We will be running Dragon Ball FighterZ brackets!

Boss Battle Games is an arcade and gaming center on the east side of Indianapolis in the Washington Square Mall. We have a large arcade and console area, and on Friday nights we use it to host Fight Club. We run Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Dragon Ball FighterZ. and whatever else people want to practice. Entry into the tournament also comes with entry into the arcade, where all of our old school fighters are set to unlimited play. We recommend parking in front of and entering at Dick's Sporting Goods if you plan on staying past closing time as you will be exiting the mall behind there.

Venue Fee: $5

Bracket Entry Fee: $1 (Cash Only)

We play Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, Injustice, and whatever else people want to play.

Set-Up Discount: There is no venue fee if you bring a complete set-up. A complete set-up is a monitor, updated system, all of the DLC characters, and game disc for a game we plan to run brackets for.

There are drinks and snacks available as well as food in the mall, just make sure you get here in time to get signed up.

7:00 pm Sign ups start.
9:00 pm (ish) Brackets start.
9:00: pm Mall Closes, Lock-In Begins.
Midnight (ish): Boss Battle Games closes, game over.

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Boss Battle Games