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FREE event - AUTHOR VISIT to Walpole Public Library - JD Chadwick. Around The World In A Double Decker Bus 1979 – 1983

If you are adventurous by nature and sometimes wish you could just drop everything on a whim and just go off travelling the world, then this Author's book is for you. If you long for the halcyon days when 'political correctness' meant only that a politician had to get his speech just right, or when 'health and safety' rules were what was written on the notice board in the gym, then this book is for you.

Chad's renegade adventures (and misadventures) from 1979 - 1983 showcase his life in his early twenties as he finds himself somehow becoming a tour bus driver and takes us on a colourful journey throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia on an old English double-decker bus. His account will have you in turns gasping at his audacity, his ingenuity, his rule-breaking and his sense of fun and adventure, all the while being the only POM in a travel outfit run and staffed by Aussies and Kiwis.

A cracking good yarn full of Aussie larrikins, making for a hugely enjoyable read that will have you laughing out loud as you join Chad and his unsuspecting passengers for his 'Top Deck Travel' adventures!

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Walpole Public Library