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Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging

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О нас Eco-friendlypackaging.com is a dba for Jennifer Rose Associates
Eco-friendly Packaging cover
Миссия To creat product packaging that is manufactured using raw materials that are resuable, compostable and sourced in a responsible manor using earth friendly materials. Our goal is too exceed customers expectations by giving great customer service with products that are enviromentaly safe.
Описание Pour-N-Pack is an innovative method of producing and packaging chocolate bars. It allows a small to medium size chocolatier to make chocolate bars with out the expense of polycarbonic molds. No longer will a chocolatier need to demold a bar, or wash and sanitize a tray. Easy as 1,2,3, just pour your tempered chocolate into our a mold, decorate if desired, let solidify and package.
Основана 2006
Продукты Packaging for Gift, Jewelry, Stationery, Wine Stores, Bakeries, Caterers
Confectionery product that is made from materials that are sourced responsibily
and are safe for the enviroment. Tableware is made from Bamboo, Palm Leaf,
Sugar Cane, Corn Starch. Check oout our wooden bakeware.

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