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Sector 3-MANGALAM Place, New Delhi, 110085, India

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О нас EnglishHelper offers online solutions to improve your English skills. With our technology enabled programs, you can read, speak, and write better English.
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Описание EnglishHelper™ offers unique technology solutions to improve English language proficiency. Our programs are designed to be:

- Relevant to the context of the learner
- At the right level for each learner
- Flexible as per the pace of learning of each learner
- Affordable
- Accessible anytime and anywhere

Our solutions are successful because our focus on relevance to each learner is backed by a strong technology capability – our products are powered by expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics.

Our customers include individual learners, schools (K-12), training and skill building organizations, and companies. To each customer segment, we offer targeted and relevant learning solutions that help them meet their language goals.
Основана 2009
Продукты Learn English: A powerful online program that will help you read and speak better English. Use it on any device - for free, forever.

WritingAssistant: The easiest and fastest way to improve your English writing – this writing checker can analyse your writing instantly and pick out over 500 different types of errors. It is available in free and affordably priced versions.

RightToRead: EnglishHelper’s initiative to ensure technology-enabled English literacy for every child. We are currently helping over 1.5 million children across 7 countries to read at grade level.

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