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Erin Koch Photography

Erin Koch Photography

Schnecksville (PA), 18078, United States

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(610) 606-1114

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О нас I enjoy what I do and I'm open to any types of photo shoots!!! My prices aren't set in stone, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask =)
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Описание I normally charge $40.00 for just the photo shoot.
(this is for an hour shoot)

Prints are extra: here are the totals including shoot price

1. Standard Package $48.00
includes: 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, and 8 wallets

2. Event Package: $53.00
includes: 3 8x10's, 4 5x7's, 4 4x6's and 8 wallets

3. Sports Package: $58.00
Includes: 3 8x10's, 4 5x7's, 2 4x6's and 8 wallets

4. Family Package: $63.00
Includes: 4 8x10's, 8 5x7's and 24 wallets

5. Make your own package: $$$$
This option gives you the freedom to tell me what you are looking to spend and/or to put together your own package by simply adding onto the ones I currently offer or by putting one together yourself. I will then work out the price with you.

Extra Prints Prices: 4x6 $0.50
5x7 $1.00
8x10 $3.50
Wallets (set of 2) $1.00

I also offer collage prints, Calendar/fun boarder prints, scrapbook pages, square prints, greeting cards, photo books, blankets, Calendars, Canvas/wall art (faux canvas), clothing/jewelry, home and office supplies, mugs, ornaments, posters, phone/tablet cases and puzzles.

I also offer Mounted Photos:

1. 5x7 $10.00
2. 8x10 $15.00
3. 8x20 $23.00

these sizes are also offered but are special ordered so they may take longer......

4. 11x14 $25.00
5. 12x12 $25.00
6. 12x18 $29.00
7. 16x20 $33.00
8. 20x30 $63.00

I am looking into Holding at least 2 special events yearly. This all depends on how many participants are willing to join. These will include (when you purchase a package) a social contest, prizes and a charity donation!

I am also offering to anyone who purchases an event package, the chance to have a social voting within your own photos. You will have a week to let people vote on 6 of your photos from your shoot and the winn
Основана 03/30/2012

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